Special Clinics for Treatment of Long COVID-19 Launched


Special Clinics for Treatment of Long COVID-19 Patients Launched in 9 Hospitals

Special clinics designated for the treatment of long COVID-19 patients have been launched in nine hospitals across Bangkok, as per the National News Bureau of Thailand on Aug. 6.

The launch was carried out by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). The hospitals with special clinics are Taksin Hospital, Lat Krabang Hospital, Sirindhorn Hospital, Charoen Krung Pracharak Hospital, Ratchaphiphat Hospital, Bang Khun Thian Geriatric Hospital, BMA General Hospital (Klang Hospital), Luang Phor Taweesak Chutinataro Uthit Hospital, and Wetchakarunrasm Hospital.

Long COVID-19, also known as post COVID-19 condition, are long-term effects of the disease experienced by those who have already recovered. Its symptoms include exhaustion, shortness of breath, and dementia conditions like lack of concentration, trouble sleeping, less control of emotions and behavior, and the like. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that anyone who gets COVID-19 can develop long COVID.

BMA's Medical Service Department Director Dr. Suksan Kittisupakorn said in the report that those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 after recovery should seek diagnosis and treatment.

The nine hospitals are open from Monday to Thursday during regular hospital hours. Those who will be seeking treatment may schedule appointments through the Bangkok Fast & Clear (BFC).

BMA’s initiative to kickstart an online diagnosis and treatment for long COVID via the MorBMA telemedicine app is also forthcoming.

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