‘Active Citizens’ Awarded for Work Against BKK’s Pollution


Bangkok Citizens, ‘Traffy Fondue’ Recognised for Combating Pollution

Bangkok is experiencing one of its worst bouts with air pollution in years, with several outlets reporting that the city is being choked. To help combat the problem, as well as raise awareness, the local government has turned to their residents.

The city administration announced that they have awarded eight “active citizens” who kept track of sources of air pollutants across Bangkok on the reports channel Traffy Fondue.

Governor Chadchart Sittipunt invited the eight citizens to City Hall who have provided critical information about the origins of the dreaded PM2.5 particles. At this size, these floating contaminants are small enough to get inside the human body and cause problems, including cardiovascular and respiratory complications.

Traffy Fondue also got a special mention from the governor, stating that he was happy that the platform is getting so much use. Reports such as garbage burning in Nong Chok and smoke-belching buses in Thonburi enable the city government to fine-tune their anti-pollution measures.

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