BMA: Over 9,000 Sweepers Given Accident Insurance


Over 9,000 Road Sweepers Receive Accident Insurance in Bangkok

More than 9,000 road sweepers from 50 counties were provided accident insurance policies by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in a bid to ensure their safety and build confidence.

In a press release by the BMA yesterday, Governor of Bangkok Chatchachart Sittiphan was quoted as saying that the insurance policies are a guarantee to take care of the sweepers of Bangkok and to encourage them that they are valued in society.

Sittiphan said the sweepers are self-sacrificing people and are out in the streets as early as 4 AM to sweep the communities.

"Without them one day, Bangkok would be cluttered," he said.

The handover of the insurance policies from Thai Non-Life Insurance Association were held at the Thai Non-Life Insurance Association Building in Phra Khanong District yesterday.

The accident insurance policies for all 50 districts of Bangkok cover 9,079 sweepers, with insurance of THB100,000 per person, as per the release. That's THB907.9 million for a period of one year, beginning Aug. 24, 2022, to Aug. 24, 2023.

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