Abandoned Mansion: A Gangster-themed Speakeasy in Bangkok


Abandoned Mansion, Bangkok's Only Gangster-themed Underground Bar

An underground speakeasy bar inspired by America's Prohibition and its gangsters right in the heart of Bangkok? Enter Abandoned Mansion.

The Prohibition Era saw the ban of liquor and alcoholic beverages across the United States from 1920-1933, but it was also a time regarded as the "Public Enemies Era" due to the notorious gangsters of the age like John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde, Machine Gun Kelly, Pretty Boy Floyd, and more. During this period, speakeasies or illicit, secret bars became prominent as it sold alcohol illegally to Americans who wanted to have their fair share of liquor.

Now, gone are the days when patrons have to take to clandestine bars to have a drink, but it sure has been a trend for establishments the world over to mimic the theme and atmosphere of these speakeasies of yore.

You'll find Abandoned Mansion on the underground level of The Coach Hotel at 41 Soi Sukhumvit 14, Klongtoey. Having opened just last July 7, 2022, it's the latest, trendiest watering hole for Thais who want to enjoy impeccable drinks, food, and cigars with live jazz music by local bands in a secret hub.

Dim lights, high ceilings, elaborate chandeliers, velvet chairs, and dark wood characterise the Abandoned Mansion, which is at once masculine and romantic. 

Its spacious balcony cradles its cigar lounge, while the tables below offer patrons the perfect view of the musicians who perform on another balcony atop the bar lined with bottles and bottles of alcohol.

Even Abandoned Mansion's menu takes inspiration from the 1930s, designed as a yellowing, oxidised newspaper called the "Abandoned Mansion Journal." The watering hole's backstory? A former illegal trading hub once the go-to of disreputable gangsters in the '30s has reopened once more.

"Since the [crackdown], those involved in the dealings of Abandoned Mansion either fled or were jailed by the police, leaving the mansion abandoned since as the name implies," the journal playfully reads. "Abandoned Mansion was then discovered years later and resurrected as a bar on 7 July 2022." 

Patrons can enjoy Abandoned Mansion's signature cocktails named after notorious gangsters, which bear a short biography of its namesakes, like John Dillinger (North American whisky, popcorn, D.O.M., red vermouth reduction), priced at THB420; the Al Capone (straight bourbon fat-washed with Italian salami, Italian bitter and Drambuie) for THB430, and Bonnie and Clyde (American dry gin, Moscato grape, lemon and violet bitter) at THB430, among others.

There are also gun moll cocktails for the ladies inspired by female gangsters like the Pearl Elliott (THB420), Stephanie St. Clair (THB 420), and Kathryn Kelly (THB 420).

For those who'd rather not drink alcohol in this speakeasy, there are also mocktails for you like the Pretty Boy Floyd (THB280), made of cranberry, lime juice, fresh lime, vanilla syrup, and cranberry juice, and the John Donato Torrio (THB 280), which comprises mango juice, pineapple juice, green apple, and vanilla syrup, among others.

If you want to try Abandoned Mansion’s wide range of cigars, you can check out its cigar menu right here.

For bites, you have mouthwatering "mob food" like oysters, bruschetta, pizzetta, truffle fries, The Godfather Wagyu Burger, cauliflower fritters, three- and six-cheese platters, fish fingers, and more.

Abandoned Mansion is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 6 PM to 2 AM. Apart from heady nights of drinking with friends, this speakeasy is also ideal for private events like birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette and bachelor parties.

More than jazz, you can also catch live R&B and pop music in this underground bar. Just make sure you follow its dress code before heading there.

Dress Code

  • No sandals or flip flops of any brand. Men are required to wear fully covered shoes
  • No athletic wear or sports uniforms
  • No sleeveless shirts for gentlemen

To book a table at the Abandoned Mansion, go here.

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