If You Love Durian, Visit These Cafés in Bangkok


If You Love Durian, Make Sure to Visit These Cafés in Bangkok

Dubbed as the “king of fruits,” durian is one of the most famous seasonal fruits in Thailand as the country is also among Southeast Asia’s largest producers and exporters of this stinky yet creamy and buttery fruit. 

According to a study from the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), Thailand produced 8.85 million metric tons of durians in 2014. It’s no surprise why many Thais have a deep love for durian and the idea of adding this fleshy fruit to baked dessert recipes and delicacies seems perfect.

Here are some must-visit cafés in Bangkok that’ll satisfy your cravings for durian desserts!

Durianism Samyan

One of the first durian cafés in Bangkok is the Durianism Samyan located along the famous shopping district, Pathum Wan. They are the go-to café for durian lovers in Bangkok as they also offer delivery services around the city.

Some of their heavenly durian treats are durian bingsu (THB249), iced durian coffee (THB119), durian creamy smoothie (THB139), durian cake (THB149), spicy shrimp and durian salad (THB250), croissant durian sauce (THB189), and durian pizza (THB239), among others.

For orders, you may contact them via Facebook and Line.

Location: 926, Block 28 Project, Room No. C104, Soi Chula 40, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan

Durian Cafe by Fruit and Farm

You can find this durian coffee shop along the café zone at La Krabang in Bangkok, featuring a yellow painted wall and wooden floor. The café lighting and décor give a very cosy and homey vibe where you can chill while sipping one of their signature drinks.

We recommend trying their durian espresso latte, durian smoothie, durian crepe cake topped with durian sauce, and durian cheese pie. The café also has durian double cheesecake and durian soft butter buns for those who fancy some pastries.

Durian Café by Fruit and Farm is open from 11 AM to 10 PM on weekdays and 10 AM to 10 PM on weekends.

Location: 161 Patthana Chonabot 3 Rd, Khlong Song Ton Nun, Lat Krabang

Peace Oriental Teahouse

Home of traditional oriental tea, this contemporary teahouse in Bangkok serves award-winning teas known for their exquisite and rare flavours.

Their products are made from natural ingredients sourced directly from local farmers in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand. The teahouse has six locations in the city, each of which features a "breathtaking space" that embodies peace, thanks to its white and brown interior decor and upholstery pieces.

Be sure to try their durian-infused mooncake, which is a perfect combination with their famous teas. 

Location: Check out their website for the full list of branches

Make Me Mango

Make Me Mango specialises in mango desserts including smoothies, homemade ice cream, bingsu, and many more.

If aesthetics matters to you, check out some Insta-worthy treats featured in their menu. This includes smoothies (lychee, cantaloupe, strawberry, watermelon, mango with panna cotta, mango with yoghurt, lychee jelly, and kiwi), sundaes (banoffee, durian with crispy durian and sticky rice, coconut, and mango), Tiramisu imported from Italy, mixed fruit bingsu, and more.

They also offer homemade durian cake box, durian Hokkaido cheese box, and durian sticky rice made of fresh and high-quality fruits straight from Chanthaburi province.

Aside from their mango-centric menu, the café's interior features a net bed that's perfect for relaxing while reading a book.

Location: 67 Maha Rat Rd, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon

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