> Three International Food Delivery Services in Bangkok

Three International Food Delivery Services You'll Need Living in Bangkok

Expats in Thailand flock to Bangkok for many reasons: the glistening and hot sun, a permanent-holiday feel to life, temporary escape to the horrors back home (scary rent and chilly weather!), or an urge to feel the good vibes of the beautiful mango nation.

However, for many, the food of home is a rarity in everyday life, with Thai food dominant in expats’ diets. Not to worry though! We have found the three best Bangkok-based international food delivery services for you to rely on for the best groceries, meats, snacks, drinks, and desserts that you miss from home.


BritiShop delivery service has been delivering international food and drink products all over Thailand since early 2019, with larger operations in Bangkok. The online store stocks mainly British products, including U.K. beef, chicken, and pork, snacks from British supermarkets, cheese, and sauces. Indian, Italian, German, Dutch, and French products can also be found.

Free delivery is granted to all Pattaya residents if more than THB1,000 is spent. For Sri Racha residents, orders must be over THB1,000 scheduled for evenings. Bang Saray deliveries are only made on Wednesdays and are free over THB2,000. For all other locations, including Bangkok, free delivery is for orders over THB5,000.


PaleoRobbie is Bangkok’s hottest delivery service for local, certified-organic produce and healthy shelf products. Created in 2013, the health-conscious food service aims to deliver meats, fish products, vegetables, fruits, snacks and treats, and grocery goods to Bangkokians that are sustainable for the planet and benefit a good diet.

Delivery fees are reasonable and dispatches are made from 10 AM to 8 PM daily, except Sundays, in the Bangkok area. For orders within Central Bangkok, delivery fee is just THB90 (free for deliveries over THB1,500); in Outer Bangkok, the delivery fee is THB180 (free for deliveries over THB2,750).

Passion Delivery

Passion Delivery is Thailand’s leading online marketplace for accessing more than 500 products such as gourmet groceries, frozen goods, drinks, snacks, and ingredients from quality suppliers based in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Homesick gourmands can order Australian tomahawks, Japanese scallops, British treaties, Hungarian foie gras, Norwegian salmon, and American wagyu.

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