What’s on Bangkok: Best Things to Do on Jan. 9-15, 2024

What’s on Bangkok: Best Things to See, Do, Eat, & Drink on Jan. 9-15, 2024

Ahh, another week is upon us, and you’re looking for cool things to get up to in Bangkok! We’ve saved you the hassle with The Beat Bangkok’s rundown of the best places to hit up and things to do right now—from blink-and-you'll-miss-it pop-up sights and new restaurant openings to the hottest activities that you shouldn’t miss.

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1. 'Goldie & Friends' Exhibit

'Goldie & Friends' Exhibit
Photo by Facebook/Aurum Gallery

Discover the captivating world of contemporary art at the "Goldie & Friends" exhibit, currently taking place at Warehouse 30 in Bangkok. Presented by Aurum Gallery, this international group show brings together acclaimed artists such as Goldie, Futura, Mr Brainwash, Bisco Smith, Mode 2, .Epod, and Inkie.

Through visual representation, the exhibition explores the enduring bonds and dialogues that have fostered lifelong connections and friendships among these artists. Immerse yourself in Goldie's latest abstract "Arrows" series, a collection that showcases meticulous preparation, three-dimensional elements, color transitions, and layers of lacquer. Drawing inspiration from graffiti symbolism, the arrows in Goldie's works convey dynamic energy, movement, and rebellion.

The exhibition runs until Jan. 28. Don't miss this opportunity to witness artistic brilliance and camaraderie on display!

2. The Crystal Ball Economic Outlook And Business Luncheon

The Crystal Ball Economic Outlook And Business Luncheon
Photo by Website/CanCham Thailand

Discover the future of business at CanCham Thailand's "The Crystal Ball Economic Outlook and Business Luncheon." This interactive luncheon on Jan. 10 (Wed) at Rembrandt Hotel & Suites Bangkok brings together industry leaders to discuss economic outlook, technology, sustainability, and Bangkok's metropolis.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with professionals. Secure your spot by availing tickets to the event! Tickets for CanCham and Co-Chamber Members are priced at THB1,400, while non-members can purchase tickets at THB1,800.

3. A Stage to De-Decide History

A Stage To De-Decide History
Photo by Website/Ticketmelon

Delve into the realm of documentary theater at the Goethe-Institut Thailand's event, "A Stage to De-Decide History." On Jan. 11 (Thu), join director Kai Tuchmann, theater professor Parichat Jungwiwattanaporn, and theater maker Anuja Ghosalkar as they explore how the stage can challenge and reshape historical narratives.

Discover the power of alternative historiographies in this engaging conversation. Tickets for the event are free of charge and can be availed at Ticketmelon. Don't miss it!

4. Made By Legacy Flea Market No. 15

Made By Legacy Flea Market No. 15
Photo by Facebook/Made By Legacy : New Old Community

Step into 2024 with Bangkok's renowned Made By Legacy Flea Market No. 15 from Jan. 12-14. Experience the best of vintage and urban lifestyle at Saengthong Rice 1968 Warehouse and explore more than 200 vendors offering vintage apparel, art pieces, old books, and one-of-a-kind home decorations. While you're at it, indulge in delicious food, cocktails, and groovy music, too!

The admission fee is THB150 per day for adults, and free for children aged 0-13. It's a pet-friendly event and there are convenient shuttle boat services for guests. Don't miss this curated festival of nostalgia and modernity! For inquiries, email [email protected].

5. Artistic Emergence

Artistic Emergence
Photo by Website/Ticketmelon

Embark on a transformative discussion at "Artistic Emergence," where Wan Chantavilasvong will lead a circle discussion about her journey from a hobbyist to an artist in residence and everything in between.

On Jan. 13 (Sat), head to Saratta Space for an insightful conversation that delves into the challenges, breakthroughs, and growth that come with artistic emergence. This event welcomes all ages and the entrance is free, allowing anyone with an interest in the arts to join the conversation.

Gain valuable insights, expand your perspective on the artistic journey, and find inspiration for your own creative path. Tickets for this thought-provoking event are available at Ticketmelon, so don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the world of artistic emergence.

6. Mindful Sparks' Meditation Retreat

Mindful Sparks' Meditation Retreat
Photo by Facebook/Mindful Sparks

Experience a morning of tranquility and self-discovery at the "Meditation Retreat," presented by Mindful Sparks, on Jan. 13 (Sat). This retreat invites you to immerse yourself in mindfulness practices and insightful teachings that will elevate your well-being.

Engage in guided meditation sessions led by experienced instructors to deepen your practice and find inner peace, while exploring the power of conscious breathing and discovering practical tools to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine. Gain insights into your habitual patterns and learn how to respond thoughtfully to life's challenges. This is your chance to connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Limited spaces are available for this transformative retreat at Attuned Studio, so book now to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Contact Mindful Sparks for inquiries.

7. Real Estate Consigliere International Project Marketing Courses

Real Estate Consigliere International Project Marketing Course
Photo by Website/Real Estate Consigliere

The "Real Estate Consigliere International Project Marketing Courses" on Jan. 13 (Sat) at Ascott Thonglor Bangkok is a must-attend event for professionals in the real estate industry. If you're one of them, don't miss this chance to learn how to strategically position your developments on a global stage and gain a competitive advantage. Discover the latest trends in real estate project marketing and explore international sales and marketing techniques.

Register now to secure your place and stay ahead of the competition. Limited spots are available.

8. Gong Level 1: The Primal Sound of the Elements

Gong Level 1: The Primal Sound of the Elements
Photo by Facebook/Lotus Wellness Bangkok

Experience the mesmerizing power of gongs and their profound healing effects by embarking on a transformative journey with "Gong Level 1: The Primal Sound of the Elements," presented by Lotus Wellness Bangkok. Immerse yourself in the history, craftsmanship, and playing techniques of awe-inspiring instruments, while discovering how gongs can be used for self-healing, movement, and breath meditation.

Led by Mel Giles, an experienced practitioner and founder of Lotus Wellness Bangkok, this four-hour module offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of gongs. No prior music or yoga experience is required. Avail this session for THB6,000.

9. Shower Gel & Bath Bomb Workshop

Shower Gel & Bath Bomb Workshop
Photo by Facebook/Bangkok Soap Opera

Unlock the secrets of natural cosmetics at the "Shower Gel & Bath Bomb Workshop" on Jan. 13 (Sat) by Bangkok Soap Opera. In this engaging and hands-on DIY workshop, you'll learn how to make eco-friendly liquid soap that can be customised as shower gel, hand wash, or even dish wash. In addition, dive deeper into the world of soap making by exploring the creation of fizzy shower steamers as a bonus topic.

After the workshop, you'll be able to take home 250ml of liquid soap and two shower steamers to continue your natural skincare journey. Contact Bangkok Soap Opera for inquiries on how to register. The fee is priced at THB1,650.

10. Starry Soirée: Embracing New Beginnings at BarSu 2024

Starry Soirée: Embracing New Beginnings at BarSu 2024
Photo by Website/Megatix

Step into the vibrant pulse of 2024 at the "Starry Soirée: Embracing New Beginnings at BarSu 2024" on Jan. 13 (Sat). To be held at the luxurious Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, this event promises an evening of professional networking like no other.

Picture yourself surrounded by the city lights, dressed in your finest attire while engaging in conversations that flow like fine wine. Here, you'll be able to connect with professionals from diverse industries, exchange business cards, and create lasting friendships. Indulge in a welcome drink and appetizer, too, as you immerse yourself in an atmosphere where ambitions meet laughter.

Redefine networking by embracing the charm of the city while making 2024 a year of unforgettable connections and remarkable achievements. Tickets for this soirée can be purchased via Megatix.

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