Thai Travel Influencers Who'll Inspire You to Go Out

Thai Travel Influencers Who'll Inspire You to Explore the Outdoors

Excited to travel again after years-long restrictions? We feel you. But before you book that flight and pack your bag, check out these Thai travel influencers for some helpful tips like finding under-the-radar beaches and taking good photos!


Boasting of more than 674,000 Instagram followers, @pigkaploy is one of the most popular travel influencers in Thailand. She will take you from Bangkok’s off-the-beaten spots to Peru’s rolling mountains and Nepal’s glaciers. She also maintains a YouTube account where she gives her fans a sneak peek of her life as a “part-time traveler” in a longer format.


If you prefer the beaches to the mountains, @app.coll is your virtual travel buddy. She will take you to some of Thailand’s popular and less-known water attractions, be it a river in the middle of a forest or Krabi’s famous white-sand beaches. Aside from hopping her way around Thailand, this Thai travel influencer also works in the real estate industry by day.


Another jetsetter worth your likes is @iroamalone who gifts her more than 600,000 followers with snaps from her exciting tours across the world. Her YouTube vlogs documenting her overseas travels, street food crawls, and encounters with locals rack up six-figure views. Give her a follow if you are looking for tips on how to pose for the ‘gram or want to vicariously live the life of a digital nomad.


This former Miss Universe Thailand’s Instagram feed may be a medley of her random life adventures, but it doesn’t fall short of travel-related content that anyone thirsty for the outdoors will enjoy. She enjoys immersing in the wildlife and is not afraid to get down and dirty while on the road. She’s also a great resource if you’re looking for under-the-radar spots to explore in Thailand!


If you are looking for a hundred ways to take a pic with the beach as the backdrop, give @elyselyses a follow. This beach junkie’s Instagram feed is the Look Book version of a tourism ambassador, thanks to her stylish outfits and effortless poses. We’re sure that when you follow her, you’ll be inspired to explore the outdoors more often!

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