18,000 Hong Kongers Used Home Vaccine Service

18,000 Hong Kongers Used Home Vaccine Service

The government announced in a statement yesterday (June 6) that the home vaccination service, run by the Health Department managing door-to-door vaccination service for the elderly and people with disabilities, had administered vaccines to nearly 18,000 people since late April.

The service appealed to elderly aged 70 or above and persons with physical disability or impaired mobility to register for the free door-to-door-to-door vaccination service online.

"Over 27,000 people have registered for the service since the Home Vaccination Call Centre commenced operation in mid-April," Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip said.

“In addition to receiving calls from the public, the call centre has contacted about 190,000 people, including those who are receiving relevant allowances under the Social Welfare Department and are yet to get vaccinated, and those who have been referred by the Council of Social Service, to help them register for vaccination,” he added.

Beginning June 13, the call centre will run from 9 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and will send SMS notifications to people who have registered for the service but are unable to speak on the phone.

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