43,000 Gov’t Rapid Tests For People in COVID-Struck Areas

43,000 Rapid Tests Handed Out by Gov't in COVID-struck Areas

The government gave out more than 43,000 rapid tests in multiple districts after the virus was detected in sewage samples in Kwun Tong, Sai Kung, Eastern District, Kowloon City, and Sha Tin.

With testing being voluntary, the Home Affairs Department made the arrangements to identify neighbourhoods with increased rates of COVID-19.

The test kits were given out to households, cleaning workers, and hired property management staff in Sau Wah House and Sau Yee House of Sau Mau Ping Estate. Cleaning and property management staff working in Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate, and Lok Wah South and North Estates were also given the tests.

In Sai Kung, the tests were handed out in Yun Ming House of Yung Ming Court, while in Eastern District, they were distributed at Tsui Wan Estate. The Kowloon City District Office also gave out test kits to people in Oi Man Estate.

Additionally, the tests were handed out at Lok Chuen, Ho Chuen, and Yan Chuen Houses of Shui Chuen O Estate.

The government advised that people living or working in areas where sewage samples were found to have COVID-19 and who, test positive for the virus should revert to the government’s 24-hour health hotline for further assistance.

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