DSE Exam to Push Through on April 22

DSE Exam to Push Through on April 22; Special Venue for COVID-19 Cases Set

The Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE), Hong Kong’s main college entrance exams, will push through on April 22, with a special venue set up for those who are either infected with COVID-19 or need to isolate.

The special exams venue will be at the community isolation facility at Penny’s Bay and has a capacity of more than 1,000 examinees.

The exam will run for three weeks, shorter than the usual one month, until May 14. Results will be released on July 20. Candidates are required to present a valid negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test result on every exam day. Those who test positive on the day of the exam shall notify officials by 6:30 AM for the special venue arrangement.

Infected candidates who are at the facility prior to the exam day may decide whether or not to take the exam based on their present health condition. However, they are not allowed to postpone the exam once they have seen the paper.

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