Inbound Traveller E-Health Monitoring System Begins Trials

E-Health Monitoring System for Inbound Travellers Begins Trial Run

The Department of Health has announced the introduction of a digitised self-monitoring system, which allows inbound travellers to record their information with enhanced ease during their quarantine period.

Current quarantine procedures require incoming voyagers to undergo self-implemented rapid antigen testing (RAT) everyday during their stay and submit their results on paper via an issued checklist. To make the process more efficient, the Centre for Health Protection has designed the “Electronic Covid-19 Medical Surveillance System (eCMSS)” for designated quarantine hotels to log guest information, to which individuals testing positive will be flagged by the hotels.

The new e-platform will now allow quarantining travellers to directly input relevant information by themselves, with a more streamlined follow-up process that would alert infected individuals directly. As of Tuesday, July 26 the Department of Health had sent out 10,000 sign-up invites via SMS, with around 5,000 individuals opting to join, according to a press release. Alternatively, the original paper form is still available as an option.

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