Explainer: How Many Vaccine Doses are Recommended for Me?


Explainer: How Many Vaccine Doses are Recommended for Me?

Since Jan. 11, 2021, Hong Kong has been offering both Pfizer and Sinovac vaccines at public vaccination centres under its citywide vaccination programme to protect residents against COVID-19,

With the introduction of the citywide vaccine pass in late February 2022, all people in Hong Kong are required to be fully vaccinated by a certain periods through spring and early summer.

We have made it easier for you to understand how many doses you need, based on age, medical history, and COVID-19 infection.

Immunocompromised persons eligible for 3rd and 4th dose of a COVID-19 vaccine are as follows:

  • Those who have cancer or haematological malignancy on active immunosuppressive treatment now or in the past 12 months
  • Recipients of solid organ transplant or stem cell transplant on immunosuppressive treatment
  • Severe primary immunodeficiency or on chronic dialysis
  • Advanced or untreated HIB disease
  • On active immunosuppressive drugs, or immunosuppressive chemotherapy/radiotherapy in past 6 months

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