Gov't Rules 90% Vaccine Rate for Full-Day School Classes

Gov't Rules 90% Vaccine Rate for Full-Day School Classes

The government announced Wednesday that schools will be required to have all staff members and at least 90% of students double-vaccinated to resume full-day in person classes on April 19.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam told reporters yesterday (March 23) that it was important to raise inoculation rates among students aged 3 three to 11.

Currently, only 58% of students in this age group are vaccinated with one COVID-19 shot, whilst only 11% are double-vaccinated.

“If we achieve a high vaccination rate among students, schools can resume full-day teaching and organise more extra-curricular activities, including sports,” she told reporters.

Education secretary Kevin Yeung said a high vaccination rates with students was important to reduce the risk of mass spreading events.

“Face-to-face teaching will involve a lot of activities and over a pretty long time, including mask-off activities like lunch. We have to control the risk appropriately,” Yeung said.

“We respect children’s right to education, so we’re not asking the students to have vaccination as a prerequisite for the resumption of classes.”

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