HK COVID-19 Surge Possible by End of March, Experts Say

Hong Kong COVID-19 Surge Possible by End of March, Experts Say

Health experts from the University of Hong Kong expect COVID-19 cases in the region to reach up to 28,000 per day by the end of March, with the number of deaths likely to hit 1,000 in June.

This prediction is based on the reported 4,000 infections in the past 14 days.

Experts said Hong Kong can achieve a “zero-COVID” state again if the government will impose a lockdown on the entire city for two to three months.

In response to the latest surge, authorities implemented the “toughest” social distancing and health protocols that impacted the economy and the 7.5 million Hong Kong residents. The stricter protocols prohibit public gatherings of more than two people and require restaurants to close by 6 PM. Schools, churches, gyms, and cinemas are currently shut down.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Carrie Lam apologised to residents who queued for hours at testing centers and isolation facilities due to the great influx of patients last Feb. 9.

According to Lam’s Facebook post, the government will continue to enhance hospital capacity to suppress the viral spread as she doesn’t want elderly care homes to get infected as well. Three elderly people have passed away this week due to COVID-19 complications, authorities confirmed on Feb. 10.

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