Hong Kong Hits Record 8,674 COVID-19 Cases on Feb. 23

Hong Kong Hits Record High of 8,674 COVID-19 Cases on Feb. 23

Hong Kong logged a record high of 8,674 additional COVID-19 cases on Feb. 23, three of which are imported and the rest local, according to the Centre for Health Protection via an online government news portal on the same day.

Twenty-four related deaths were also reported, as per The Standard on Wednesday, with officials saying there is an 18-fold difference in the death rate between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The Hospital Authority is activating two more clinics today to help in the diagnosis and treatment of more COVID-19 patients.

Despite the surge in COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, the government will not be placing the region under lockdown. However, a compulsory universal COVID-19 testing programme (CUT) in March will order 7.4 million of Hong Kong's residents to visit testing centres so they can be tested for COVID-19 three times.

Hong Kong's city-wide vaccine pass also kicks off today. The vaccine pass allows people to show proof of vaccination when entering various regulated premises through the LeaveHomeSafe app, which will beep a sound if a user is found unvaccinated.

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