McDonald's Closes 38 Outlets, Cuts Opening Hours

McDonald's Closes 38 Outlets, Cuts Opening Hours

A representative for McDonald’s in Hong Kong said on Monday that from tomorrow (Mar 9), many of its outlets in the city will be shortening their opening hours, whilst 38 branches will close altogether temporarily.

The fast -food chain said it is adjusting business hours due to the fifth wave of COVID-19 in the city that has affected staff numbers and logistics.

Ninety of its branches around Hong Kong will close at 6 PM, whilst others will also shut earlier than usual.

The company said on its Facebook page that its overnight delivery services will be suspended too, warning that waiting times at stores will be longer than usual and that the supply of certain products isn't stable.

McDonald’s said it hopes to maintain a minimum service in each eighteen districts, apologising for the inconvenience caused.

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