Rail Transport Mulled for Border Trade of COVID Supplies

Rail Transport Mulled for Cross-Border Trade of COVID-19 Supplies

The Transport & Housing Bureau conducted a trial yesterday (Feb. 27) to test the operation of the MTR’s Low Wu Marshalling Yard north of Sheung Shui as a temporary railway freight yard for transporting COVID-19 supplies and goods from the mainland.

The test was organised by the bureau, MTR Corporation, and government authorities to explore ways to set up a stable supply chain to Hong Kong from neighbouring Guangdong, in the wake of cross-border drivers testing positive for COVID-19.

A spokesperson for the bureau said “[t]he Hong Kong SAR Government and Mainland authorities are having in-depth discussion on the detailed operation of railway cargo transportation and are pushing forward a trial run within this week to ensure its smooth operation.”

“It will keep facilitating and implementing various measures with Mainland authorities in order to ensure a stable goods supply to the city, as well as to optimise the operation of cross-boundary transportation of supplies.”

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