Special Taxis Arranged for COVID-19 Patients

Special Taxis Arranged for COVID-19 Patients

The Transport & Housing Bureau has set up a designated taxi fleet of 300 taxis with the industry to provide COVID-19 patients with free transport between designated COVID-19 clinics and residences starting Feb. 18.

The Hospital Authority yesterday opened seven special COVID-19 clinics to help provide diagnosis and simple treatment for people with mild symptoms of infection.

The bureau has said that a fleet of 300 taxis will be arranged to pick up designated passengers with appointments at the clinics. Passengers must use the back seat and taxi drivers will don PPE, be tested daily with rapid antigen tests, and carry specific labels on their taxi for public identification.

COVID-19 patients with appointments at the seven designated clinics can book the designated fleet services through the government booking platform from 7 AM on Feb. 18.

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