LeaveHomeSafe App Update Holds Up To 8 Vaccine Passes

Updated LeaveHomeSafe App Stores Multiple Passes

The government announced on Sept. 27 that the LeaveHomeSafe app (LHS) can now store additional Vaccine Passes concurrently. LeaveHomeSafe is used to scan and display Vaccine Passes when entering premises that require Vaccine Pass clearance.

Starting Sept. 30, children aged five to 11 must comply with vaccination requirements under the Vaccine Pass, requiring them to have already received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, or be at least within the three month period after the first dose. For people aged 12 or above, the grace period between the second and third doses will be shortened from six months to five months.

The government said the addition of the new function to LHS will facilitate these new arrangements.

After users update the app, they may store their own Vaccine Pass as well as the Vaccine Passes of eight other people at the same time.

This function helps app users to store Vaccine Passes of their companions who may be exempt from using the application. This may include children who do not own smartphones, elderly people, or people with disabilities.

Parents can use the eHealth mobile app and add their children’s information under “My Family Member” to store and retrieve their Vaccine Pass as well as those of their children. Paper records such as printed QR codes or picture can still be presented as a Vaccine Pass.

The government said the QR Code Verification Scanner, used to assist people in charge of checking the Vaccine Passes of visitors, has also been updated.

Additionally, the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department will host a webinar at 3 PM today for catering businesses on the most recent Vaccine Pass arrangements.

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