Current Quarantining Guests in HK Can Now Leave Early

Visitors Quarantining in HK Can Now Leave Early After Completing Three Days

After the announcement of a reduced mandatory quarantine period for international arrivals from Friday onwards, the government has also stated that visitors who have arrived from Aug. 3 to 8 will also be able to end their hotel quarantine early, as reported by RTHK News.

Effective today, guests currently undergoing hotel quarantine who have completed three days of isolation will be able to leave their quarters upon obtaining a negative test result and will have to follow the new arrangements accordingly. Those who step outside their hotels will be assigned amber-coloured status on their LeaveHomeSafe app, which bans them from entering places that require vaccine passes such as gyms, restaurants, and bars.

Guests who leave after the third day of quarantining will have to continue reporting their medical status for the next four days, and must take PCR tests on the fourth, sixth, and ninth days following their arrival. Positive cases will result in their LeaveHomeSafe status turning red, meaning they must now self-isolate.

International travellers flying in will also now be able to show their vaccination proof and quarantine reservations online to streamline the check-in procedure. Greenlit travellers will also be able to head directly to be transported to a quarantine hotel by showing a green colour-coded health declaration.

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