New COVID-19 Arrangements for Inbound Tourist Groups

Amber Health Code Restrictions Relaxed For Inbound Tour Groups

Tourists arriving in Hong Kong traveling in tour groups will be given exceptions to enter restaurants and other attractions, according to a government press release on Nov. 7.

Currently, inbound travellers or those returning Hong Kong are marked with an Amber Health Code vaccine pass within the first three days of arrival. They are not allowed to enter nor dine in restaurants and other places where their code must be scanned, until their vaccine pass code returns to a Green status.

In-bound tourists who have been received by licensed travel agents will now be allowed to enter theme parks like Disneyland and Ocean Park, in addition to museums, and temples, while holding an Amber Health Code in their vaccine pass.

They will also be permitted to dine in partitioned areas of restaurants that meet special anti-epidemic requirements. Specific arrangements will be launched later this month.

The government also announced that inbound tour group travellers may also be allowed to undergo fewer nucleic acid tests as opposed to daily, depending on the epidemic risks at the time.

This news was welcomed by the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, which will be taking in registration from licensed travel agents to accommodate the new implementation details. More details on the above mentioned measures can be found here as new information rolls out.

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