Free Flu Jabs for Seniors at Vaccine Centres From Oct. 6

Free Flu Jabs for Seniors at Vaccine Centres From Oct. 6

Hong Kong’s community vaccination centres across various districts in the city will be offering free flu vaccines to Hong Kongers aged 50 and above when applying for COVID-19 vaccination at the same time starting from Oct. 6.

Eligible people can make reservations for both COVID-19 vaccination and flu shots through the official COVID-19 Vaccination Programme booking system starting from 9 AM today, according to a government news portal yesterday. They may also choose to receive the free flu shots when receiving their COVID vaccination on-site.

The government noted that given local seasonal influenza has stayed at a relatively low level since February 2020, overall immunity against the flu in the community is currently down.

With the looming winter flu season, the government has urged citizens to complete the recommended dosage of COVID-19 vaccines and latest seasonal influenza vaccine as soon as possible to be better protected against both infectious diseases.  

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