Updated Travel Rules for Incoming Foreign Domestic Workers

Government Details Latest Travel Rules for Inbound Domestic Workers

According to a government press release, the Labour Department has announced that beginning from today, foreign domestic workers who travel to Hong Kong will be allowed to undergo the designated “0+3” days of quarantine that has recently been introduced.

Under the new model, arriving employees will hold an amber Vaccine Pass code and are subject to mandatory three days of medical surveillance at their workplace residence, followed by self-monitoring for the subsequent four days.

The first nucleic acid test that each inbound domestic worker holds upon arrival is considered the result of “day zero,” after which they must undergo daily rapid antigen tests and a nucleic acid test on “day two” following the day identified as “day zero.” Upon a negative result on “day two,” the employee’s Vaccine Pass code will be reverted to blue.

On days “four” and “six,” the employees will have to conduct nucleic acid tests, in addition to daily rapid antigen tests. During the period of medical surveillance, domestic workers can engage in their employment duties, take public transport, as well as enter supermarkets and wet markets. However, they remain barred from high-risk premises including but not limited to restaurants, or places that allow mask-off activities.

The Commissioner of Labour has stated that employers may also help their employees arrange a stay at designated licensed hotels or guesthouses for the medical surveillance period, but it is not mandatory.

Prior to arriving in Hong Kong, foreign domestic helpers are required to fill out an online declaration form before their flight, and present a negative RAT result conducted within 24 hours of their flight departure.

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