HIV Cases Drop in 2021, Says Gov't Report

HIV Cases Drop in 2021, Says Gov't Report

A total of 447 HIV infection cases were reported in 2021, as compared to 505 in 2020, the Centre for Health Protection announced today in a press report.

The centre said sexual transmission “remained the major mode of HIV transmission,” advising the public to use condoms properly and consistently to reduce the risk of infection.

In the 2021 report, 367 male and 80 female patients were infected. Among the reported infected, the report stated that 239 patients caught HIV involving homosexual or bisexual contact, 122 were via heterosexual contact, and three were through drug injection. The remaining 83 cases “have yet to be determined.”

As per the centre’s reporting of HIV cases in the city, a total of 11,232 HIV infections have been seen since 1984.

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