Government Shows 40% Rise in Arts Spending Over the Decade

Hong Kong Government Spending on Arts Surge 40% Over Half a Decade

According to a government press release, Secretary for Culture, Sports, and Tourism Kevin Yeung announced during a legislative council session on Oct. 26 that there has been an almost 40% increase in spending on the arts and cultural development sector soared by nearly 40% to more than HK$5.9 billion for the period of 2022-2023 from HK$4.3 billion in , in comparison to 2017-2018, a government-run news website reported.

Yeung attributed the increase to the continued development of government policies that were put in place to support measures and resources for the arts, culture, and creative industries. Yeung stated that the government “strived to create a comprehensive ecosystem for the arts, culture and creative industries.”

According to Yeung, Hong Kong is an international space for the arts, culture, and creative industries thanks to the city hosting a substantial number of visual arts exhibitions of works from famed global artists, as well as a thriving local and international film and television industry which leads to other tangential business opportunities.

One particular measure that the government has invested in includes interactive learning exchanges with other jurisdictions. For example, delegates were sent to South Korea in September to meet with art and cultural organisations, such as the Korea Creative Content Agency, for a mutual exchange.

Yeung also raised the upcoming Hong Kong Performing Arts Market, which is slated for debut in 2024. The event is intended to serve as a public showcase promoting the performing arts industry in the city, with performing art groups and individual practitioners meeting to expand their networks, bringing about more business and collaborative opportunities. It was added that there are hopes to expand and grow the industry as a whole.

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