HKPF Lowers Entry Requirements for New Recruits from April 1

Hong Kong Police Lowers Entry Requirements for New Recruits Starting April 1

Residency requirements for auxiliary police constable, police constable, and probationary inspector recruits will be adjusted starting April 1, announced the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) in a press release yesterday, March 30.

HKPF will remove the seven years residency from the requirements and instead require applicants to meet the criteria of being a permanent resident. Urine drug tests will also be introduced in the recruitment process.

“The HKPF adopts a proactive recruitment strategy and regularly reviews the recruitment policy to attract high-calibre candidates. The adjustment to the residency requirement will enable the HKPF to align with the practice of other local disciplined services on relevant entry requirement, and maintain its competitiveness in the job market,” a police spokesman said.

The HKPF plans to introduce recruitment activities while considering the pandemic development in the city. They will continue to deploy “Police Mobile Recruitment Station,” a promotion vehicle that aims to connect with potential candidates, and hold Recruitment Experience and Assessment Days. They will also hold career talks and workshops for higher education institutions later this year to attract local and overseas students.

“With the continuous effort to facilitate applicants and enhance publicity, it is anticipated that more high-calibre candidates will join the Force,” the spokesman added.

For those interested to apply for the mentioned police posts, they can submit their applications online through the HKPF website.

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