Hong Kong Puzzle Game Launches in Homage to City's Heritage

Hong Kong Puzzle Mystery Game Launches Paying Homage to City's Heritage

To commemorate the Hong Kong’s its manifold cultural institutions, which have sadly seen a wave of closures recently due to COVID-19 and rising rents, Canadian-Hong Kongers illustrator Kitty N. Wong and food vlogger Virginia Chan sought to celebrate and honour the city’s culture in a fun manner.

Created in summer 2022, HK Puzzle Mystery’s The Dim Sum Steam Off is a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle game, combining puzzle mechanics, mystery stories, and an I-spy scavenger hunt, launched by the pair to commemorate the greatness of Hong Kong’s history and present.

The game, which launched on Kickstarter and was funded more than 110% in less than 48 hours after going online, revolves around a mystery story of siblings entering a cooking competition, only for their cooking station to be ransacked.

After reading the intriguing story and examining the list of local suspects, players are to assemble the puzzle to reveal the beautiful graphic created by Kitty. Using the complete puzzle image, players can complete an I-spy scavenger hunt and finally, solve the mystery of whodunnit.

“The puzzle is meant for the older kids and adults, whilst the scavenger hunt and mystery is great for the younger kids, making this an ideal family bonding activity for all ages,” explains Kitty.

As HK Puzzle Mystery co-founders Kitty and Virginia recall, Hong Kong has lost several institutions in recent months, such as the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Lin Heung Teahouse, Mido Café, that are to become memorialised in the game.

“HK Puzzle Mystery is our love letter to our Hong Kong heritage and a celebration to the city that we love dearly, despite all the changes that have been happening. We think it would be perfect for families or individuals who have left a piece of their heart in Hong Kong.”

HK Puzzle Mystery was launched on Kickstarter on Sep. 28, 2022, and has crowdfunded more than HK$18,000 in two days. The puzzle packages will be shipped in December 2022. Follow Virginia Chan and Kitty Wong for updates.

Hong Kong Puzzle Mystery Game
Hong Kong Puzzle Mystery @ The Dim Sum Stem Off

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