Hong Kong’s Famous Star Ferry Company to Double Its Fares

Hong Kong’s Famous Star Ferry Seeks to Double Its Fares

That the famed Star Ferry Company has applied to double its fares to operate its cross-harbour service, on Nov. 21.

The iconic Star Ferry has been serving the public for cross-harbour travel since 1898 and has always been well received by both the local community and tourists.

According to a document submitted to the Legislative Council on Nov. 21, the company has requested permission to increase the adult weekday fee to HK$6.4 for the upper deck and HK$5.2 for the lower deck.

The existing fees for both upper and lower decks are half of the proposed fee increase, respectively.

If approved, the company will be charging adult fares of HK$8.4 for the upper deck, and HK$7.2 for the lower deck, on weekends and public holiday trips.

Star Ferry will also no-longer be providing free ferry rides to the elderly, and will instead introduce government subsidised HK$2 trips.

Based on the governments preliminary assessment, “the combined effects of the drop in patronage, unstable non-farebox revenue, rise in operating costs and COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in the critical financial situation of the Star Ferry.”

“It has been relying on debt to maintain its franchised services, and hence is in an urgent need to adjust its fares in order to improve its financial stability”

However, the government stated that the rate of fare increase is ‘nowhere low’, and will be taking on advice from lawmakers and the members of the public before making the final decision.

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