Real-Name Registration Policy Reaches 1.4 Million Users

Hong Kong’s Real-Name Registration Programme Reaches 1.4 Million Registered Users

Around 1.4 million SIM card users in Hong Kong successfully registered using their real names since the second phase of Real-name Registration Programme that started on March 1.

The Telecommunications (Registration of SIM Cards) Regulation (the Regulation) was introduced in September 2021, which grantsgiving telecommunications operators until March 1h 1st to develop their own registration system.

Pre-paid SIM cards acquired beyond March 1 must be registered using the users’ Chinese and English names (if applicable). Other information needed are the identity document number, date of birth, and a copy of their identification documents.

The deadline of registration is on Feb. 23, 2023. Failure to register will result in deactivation of SIM cards.

The government-led scheme was designed to fight crimes related to drug trafficking, phone scams, terrorist activities, and the like.

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