Hongkong Post to Issue Special 'Fruits' Stamps on Aug. 18


Hongkong Post to Issue Special 'Fruits' Stamps on Aug. 18 for a Cool Summer

A special fruit-themed stamp issue will be released by the Hongkong Post for sale on Aug. 18 to bring Hong Kongers a fresh, cool summer.

The special issue will comprise six stamps bearing different types of fruits grown in the region, from oranges, watermelons, and guavas to lychees, bananas, and papayas, as per a government press release yesterday.

The stamp set will include a stamp sheetlet and more fruit-themed philatelic products. Hong Kongers will have a newfound appreciation for the stamps' craftsmanship, which features special embossing to highlight the illustrations' vibrant watercolours.

The official first day covers for "Fruits" will be put up on all Hong Kong post offices beginning today and online via "ShopThruPost.” The special stamp set and philatelic items will be available for purchase from Aug. 18.

"A hand-back date-stamping service will be provided on August 18 at all post offices for official first day covers/souvenir covers/privately made covers bearing the first day of issue indication and a local address," the release read.

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