Minimum Wage Rate to Increase to HK$40 in May 2023

Minimum Wage to Increase to HK$40 an Hour Starting May

As per the Minimum Wage Commission’s (MWC) recommendation, the minimum wage rate of Hong Kong has been set to increase from an hourly rate of HK$37.5 to HK$40, according to a government press release published yesterday.

After deliberations, Secretary for Labour & Welfare Chris Sun has revealed that the commission’s report was effective in supporting the view that the minimum wage rate should increase. The input considered factors like indicators of general economic conditions, like the current situation of the labour market, job competition, social inclusion, as well as community views.

"We are delighted to learn that the Chief Executive in Council has accepted our recommendation about the new SMW rate after considering the report of the MWC." Says Priscilla Wong, Chairperson of the MWC.

The revised rate will take effect beginning from May 1, 2023.

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