HK Gov’t Passes Motion to Charge Levy on Glass Bottles

New Glass Bottle Levy Encourages Bottle Suppliers to Recycle

The Hong Kong Legislative Council on Nov. 3 passed a motion to impose a charging scheme for drinking glass containers starting next year.

A charge of HK$0.98 for every litre of glass bottle will be incurred in a move aimed at urging bottle suppliers and distributor to recycle their containers.

This new scheme will take effect in the second quarter of 2023, requiring bottle importers and suppliers to register with the Environmental Protection Department at the beginning of the said year.

Environment and Ecology Minister Tse Chin-wan said the scheme is in line with the “polluter pays” principle, calling it a step forward in environmental protection, local news outlet RTHK reported on Nov. 3. He also mentioned that glass management companies have already been making strides in providing glass container collection points and treatment services across Hong Kong.

Registered firms will be given an exemption, so long as they have placed a recovery and reuse arrangement for their glass bottles. However, they have to fork out HK$9,520 to receive this exemption.

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