Plastic Bag Charge Hike Suggested: Gov't
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Plastic Bag Charge Hike Suggested: Gov't

The government announced yesterday (June 8) the beginning of a legislative process designed to enhance the Plastic Shopping Bag Charging Scheme and responsibility on producers and the public for plastic usage.

The government proposed to amend the Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance to enhance the current plastic bag charging scheme, which mandates a charge of 50 cents per each plastic shopping bag purchased with goods in Hong Kong’s supermarkets.

The proposed enhancement to the law suggests an increase to the charging level per plastic shopping bag from the current amount of 50 cents to at least HK$1.

A spokesperson for the government said that relevant authorities "will prepare best practice guidelines and allow some time for the trade and the public to get prepared for the new arrangements. The Government aims to implement the enhanced scheme on December 31.”

“The Government noted that the proposed enhancement to the Charging Scheme and full implementation of the GPRS will be another step forward in Hong Kong's work on waste reduction and recycling, in preparation for the implementation of municipal solid waste charging in the future.”

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