Smoking Prevalance Drops to 9.5% in Hong Kong Public

Smoking Prevalance Drops to 9.5% in Hong Kong Public

Hong Kong public smoking prevalence fell to 9.5% in 2021 from 10.2% in 2019, the government announced yesterday (May 26), as a city-wide survey conducted between April and July 2021 found that Hong Kong had around 581,500 “conventional cigarette smokers” in the year.

Each of the smokers, accounting to 9.5% of people aged 15 or above, consumed an average of 13 cigarettes a day.

Secretary of Health Professor Chan said that her government was “determined to strengthen tobacco control measures through a comprehensive and multipronged strategy,” with an aim to reduce the city’s smoking prevalence to 7.8% by 2025.

“We would need to further protect our young people, women and also people who may be attracted to smoking, not to be attracted. I think this is one very important direction,” Chan said.

Additionally, the government recorded about 17,500 daily smokers who used e-cigarettes, representing 0.3% of people aged 15 or above and a slight rise of 0.2% from 2019.

According to a press release by the government, the Health Department will formulate a roadmap for achieving the “Tobacco Endgame” in Hong Kong to further reduce smoking in the city.

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