SWD Warns Against Fake Calls Offering Anti-Epidemic Subsidy
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SWD Warns Against Fake Calls, Text Messages Offering Anti-Epidemic Subsidy From Government

In a Sept. 20 press release, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) alerted the public to fake calls and text messages about subsidy applications purporting to be from the department.

The SWD said that it had recently received enquiries from the public on pre-recorded voice calls claiming to be made by the department about an important notice regarding subsidy application documents.

Some citizens reported that they had also received suspicious SMS containing weblinks to a fake departmental website attempting to obtain personal data – claiming relevance to the collection of an anti-epidemic subsidy.

These cases have been referred to the Hong Kong Police Force for further investigation. The SWD advises members of the public to stay alert upon receiving unidentified voice calls and messages, and that they should refrain from disclosing any personal information and websites.

Citizens can call the department at +852 2343 2255 for enquiries or seek help from the police if they have disclosed any personal information.

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