Hong Kong Taxis to See HK$3 Fare Increase

Hong Kong Taxis to See HK$3 Fare Increase

The Chief Executive yesterday approved a plan to increase the base charge for licensed taxis in Hong Kong by HK$3, with incremental charges brought up from 10 to 20 cents.

The “flagfall charge” for the first two kilometres will rise from HK$24 to HK$27 for urban taxis — familiarly red taxis that operate in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon — from HK$20.50 to HK$23.50 for New Territories (NT) taxis, and from HK$19 to HK$22 for Lantau taxis.

The incremental charge for the distance of each 200 metres will rise from HK$1.7 to HK$1.9 for urban taxis, and from HK$1.5 to HK$1.7 for New Territories and Lantau taxis.

After a fare reaches HK$83.5, the incremental charge will rise from HK$1.2 to HK$1.3 for urban and New Territories taxis, and from HK$1.4 to HK$1.5 for Lantau taxis.

“The Transport & Housing Bureau emphasised that the Government has taken into account various factors including changes in revenue and operating costs of taxi operators, public acceptability and the fare differential between taxis and other modes of public transport when processing the taxi fare adjustment applications,” read a government press release explaining the move.

The plan is set to be tabled at LegCo on May 25 for negative vetting, with the new fares expected to take effect on July 17.

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