More Medical Supplies From Mainland Arrive in Hong Kong

More Medical Supplies From Mainland China Arrive in Hong Kong Amid Fifth Wave Battle

More medical supplies have arrived from mainland China as the fifth wave of COVID-19 persists in Hong Kong and continues to overwhelm the city’s healthcare facilities.

The Commerce & Economic Development Bureau has received more than 29 million rapid antigen test kits, of which 12 million have been distributed to frontline personnel, COVID-19 patients, people undergoing home quarantine, as well as specified high-risk and target groups, the government said in a news release on March 8.

Over 650,000 pulse oximeters have been distributed to the Department of Health (DH) and the Hospital Authority, and about 1.1 million N95 and KN95 masks have been delivered to DH and disciplined services frontline staff.

Other medical supplies from mainland China are personal protective equipment and anti-epidemic proprietary Chinese medicines.

Hong Kong is grappling with surging COVID-19 cases, resulting in cramped hospitals and extended social distancing measures.

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