2022 Chinese Film Panorama to Include Free Screenings

2022 Chinese Film Panorama Kicks Off, With Free Screenings to Come

Returning to the silver screen between now and Nov. 26, the 2022 Chinese Film Panorama kicked off last night with an evening screening of “I Am What I Am” by Sun Haipeng.

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, with support from the Bauhinia Culture Group and film organisations based in Mainland China, this year’s edition marks the 25th anniversary of the film festival. In tandem with the 25th year following the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 10 feature films will be shown under the specially themed collection of “Joyous 25th” with majority falling under the comedy genre.

In a speech during the opening matinee, Secretary for Culture, Sports, and Tourism Kevin Yeung states, “the hosting of Chinese Film Panorama in Hong Kong, an East-meets-West center for international cultural exchange, can enhance exchanges between audiences of Chinese people and those from overseas backgrounds through the art of film.”

All films are presented in original Chinese soundtrack with both Chinese and English subtitles. A handful of films showcase dialogue in specific regional speak, including “I Am What I Am” in Cantonese, “Crazy Stone” in Chongqing and Sichuan dialect, as well as “B for Busy” being partially in Shanghainese.

There will also be three feature films screened for free, namely “Be Somebody,” “Dying to Survive,” and “Love is Not Blind,” with admission tickets being given out at each film’s respective screening venues.

A full schedule of the line-up as well as the link to ticket purchase can be found here.

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