Digital Art Fair Set to Open Xperience Show in Late October

WEB 3.0

Digital Art Fair Asia Announces Opening of Xperience Show in Central

Hong Kong’s homegrown Digital Art Fair returns to Central for its special Xperience show in later October, transforming a Queen’s Road Central venue into an interactive high-tech Web 3.0 art experience.

The landmark first international public art installation for the fair invites the public to join artists and creators to collaborate creating personalised AI-generated artwork and NFT creations.

Supported by the fair’s exclusive digital screen partner LG and Goldman Sachs, thousands of digital artwork pieces created at home and abroad will be showcased in the 20,000-square-foot space through physical and digital display, as well as virtual reality in the metaverse.

The public will be able to flex their creative skills in joining Digital Art Fair’s public art installation, “The Xperience Art Project,” created with thousands of digital artworks by visitors on the façade video wall of the ground floor Central space.

“We see that digital art has become increasingly popular among the young audience, with many wishing to make their own NFT. Through this public art installation, we hope to push the boundaries and connect art lovers and digital artists with this art making xperience, continuing our vision of advancing art and culture with technology. We look forward to welcoming our audience at Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022 in October,” said Gillian Howards, founder and global fair director of Digital Art Fair, in a press release on Aug. 17

The Digital Art Fair Xperience will run from Oct. 20 to Nov. 6 at the ground and first floor of the Asia Standard Tower on Queen’s Road Central. Tickets are now available on Klook to purchase.  

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