Fresh Food Supply From Mainland ‘Sufficient and Stable’

Gov't: Fresh Food Supply From Mainland ‘Sufficient and Stable’

The Hong Kong government has reported that the supply of fresh food from the Mainland on June 8 was "sufficient and stable."

More than 2,500 tonnes of vegetables were delivered to Hong Kong on Wednesday by land and water transportation, which is similar to the average daily supply from the Mainland on a normal day, as per a government spokesman via a press release on June 9.

The vegetables sold through wholesale markets of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and the Marketing Organization were around 809 tonnes, with average wholesale prices of choi sum and pak choi standing at HK$6.60 and HK$5.50 per catty, respectively.

Supply of eggs to the wholesale market likewise remained steady at four million for the past week, also comparable to the average daily supply on a normal day in 2021.

Total supply of chilled meat was around 34 tonnes, whereas the supply of chilled poultry was about 150,000 yesterday. Around 9,000 live chickens were also slaughtered locally.

As for rice, the government said that rice stockholders have to maintain a reserve stock at a level sufficient for the local population for 15 days. The trade, however, usually stocks double the required reserve stock, sufficient for one month.

"In recent years, the import and consumption of rice in Hong Kong has stood at a steady level of around 320,000 to 330,000 tonnes per year," the release read. "The import quantity (including reserve stock) as of end-April 2022 was 28,800 tonnes..."

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