Gov't Kickstarts Citywide Cleanup Programme Tackling Waste

Gov't Kickstarts Citywide Cleanup Programme Tackling Waste, Sewage and Rat Problems

The government has officially launched a three-month cleanup programme to boost cleaning efforts in the city’s more than 600 hygiene and street management black spots across Hong Kong, Kowloon, and parts of New Territories.

The Government Programme on Tackling Hygiene Black Spots will last until mid-November and involves several government bodies, including the Department of Health and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, to conduct cleaning efforts in the city.

The announcement came with Deputy Chief Secretary Cheuk Wing-hing leading a team of government officials to visit hygiene blackspots in the city, with the official expressing concerns about waste pileup, sewage leaks, and rodent issues.

“We will carry out extensive cleansing operations in all the (hygiene) black spots, including back lanes. And we will be doing that continuously,” Cheuk said in a press conference, as per a government report on Aug. 14.

“In the foreseeable future, I do not expect to remove those (hygiene) black spots, including back lanes, from our target list. Currently we have around 600 black spots (on our list), that number may grow in response to community feedback (on) other hygiene black spots.”

Cheuk added that whilst the government bears responsibility to keep Hong Kong clean, the public is also encouraged to help by disposing personal rubbish.  

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