HKOS: ‘People Eat More, Work Out Less After Curbs Ease’

HKOS: ‘People Eat More, Work Out Less After Curbs Ease’

The Hong Kong Obesity Society (HKOS) said on Monday, June 20, that many people have gained weight during the pandemic but a third of them couldn’t find the motivation to exercise again when the latest round of curbs was eased.

In a recently conducted survey, the HKOS spoke to 500 adults and found that many of them mentioned gaining weight by about 10% on average. Some of the respondents also revealed that they tried but failed to lose weight during the pandemic.

HKOS Founding President Dr. Michele Yuen said many people have built up “inertia” when they avoided going out due to fear of being infected with COVID-19 and stopped exercising outdoors because it was tough to do so with a facemask on. Now, people are eating out more.

“When they do eat out, they will eat larger portions because they're worried when the next time they'll be able to go out to eat again. They will also increase the frequency in which they go out because they don't know when they will meet friends again,” Yuen said.

“People have a revenge on more unhealthy eating habits, but there is a persistent inertia in terms of doing exercise,” she added.

Yuen suggested that in terms of losing weight, people must understand better how their bodies function so they can come up with sustainable ways to maintain their healthy eating habits and exercise routines.

“Knowledge is power in terms of losing weight in obesity," she said.

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