Jumbo Floating Restaurant’s Kitchen Sinks as HK Exit Looms

Jumbo Floating Restaurant’s Kitchen Sinks as Exit From Hong Kong Looms

The kitchen barge of Hong Kong’s Jumbo Floating Restaurant sank on early Wednesday, barely two days after its owners announced the departure of the iconic business from the city.

A security guard reported the sinking barge to the police around 11:52 PM on Tuesday, May 31, according to multiple media reports. There were no casualties from the incident.

Photos posted on Facebook by Hong Kong-based photographer Alan Chan shows the 30-metre barge tilted about 90 degrees over.

Although physically disconnected, the barge is part of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen, an iconic landmark in Hong Kong. It was once known as the world’s largest floating restaurant.

But on May 30, its parent company, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises, announced that they will pull the kitchen out of Hong Kong due to its failure to find a new operator. It intends to look for a cheaper parking space outside the city where it can carry out the much-needed inspection and maintenance.

The restaurant has been around for more than four decades and served more than 30 million visitors and guests, according to its website.

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