Gochujang Chicken Sandwich Arrives in Hong Kong

Limited-Offer Korean Shake Shack Burger in All Hong Kong Stores

The K-wave doesn’t just stop at K-Pop and K-dramas, says Shake Shack with the launch of their Gochujang Chicken menu earlier in September.

After successful launches in the U.S. and the U.K., Hong Kong welcomes the Gochujang Chicken Sandwich and Gochujang Chicken Bites, part of a limited-time menu available until mid-November in all Hong Kong Shake Shack locations.

This menu is specially crafted through collaboration with the culinary partners in South Korea, after seeing Seoul’s vibrant fried chicken scene. Now with 22 Shake Shacks in South Korea and endless experimentation with unique Korean flavours, Shake Shack puts its best foot forward with the Gochujang Chicken menu.

For those unfamiliar with Gochujang, it is made of Korean red chilli peppers, fermented soybeans, and salt. This fermented paste is spicy, a tad sweet, and full of umami flavour. It acts as an anchor to many Korean staple food, such as stews, meat marinades, sauces, and much more. To balance out the Gochujang in the Shake Shack sandwich, finely chopped garlic and ginger are added to the glaze.

The Gochujang Chicken Sandwich (HK$63) features crispy chicken thighs, coated in the Gochujang glaze, topped with toasty sesame seeds for added nuttiness. It sits over a bed of kimchi slaw in Shake Shack's signature potato roll.

The Gochujang Chicken Bites (HK$40 or HK$56) are a twist on the classic Chicken Bites we all know and love. Only this time, they are dripped in Gochujang glaze, topped with green onion and sesame in classic Yangnyeom style – a ubiquitous staple in South Korea.

For something a little more experimental, check out the Gochujang Fries (HK$40) for the classic Shake Shack bite you get out of the fries topped with apple-wood-smoked bacon and gochujang mayo sauce.

In Korean fashion, you'll want to wash down all that fried goodness with a big pint of “Maekju” or beer – and Shake Shack’s got you covered. Take a swig of the Shackmeister Ale, a zippy drink with the right malt flavours and bright hops to refresh the palate.

Make your way to your nearest Shake Shack to enjoy this exclusive Gochujang Chicken menu before it’s too late!

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