New Typhoon Shelter Precinct Opening on Mid-Autumn Eve

New Typhoon Shelter Precinct Opens on Mid-Autumn Eve

The Development Bureau has announced via press release that the newly Revitalised Typhoon Shelter Precinct will open its gates on Sept. 9 to welcome the public to a new harbourfront space with a design heavily inspired by traditional typhoon shelters.

Located right beside the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, between the Jardine Noonday Gun at Victoria Park Road and the Tung Lo Wan Fire Station, the 10,900-square-metre Typhoon Shelter Precinct is part of a multi-phase revitalisation project for harbourfront enhancement. Two more harbourfront spaces are slated to open at the end of the year and will link with the rest of the waterfront trails to form a 26-kilometre-long promenade.

Formerly known as Ah King’s Slipway, the venue consists of a 150-metre-long promenade furnished with tables and chairs, a handful of food kiosks and snack booths, as well as unobstructed “harbour steps” that allow for a full panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour sunset. The area is pet-friendly and open for entry 24 hours a day.

Providing cultural preservation activities, three traditional "Walla-Walla" boats are due to provide services in the Precinct, allowing visitors to experience the typhoon shelter by boat. Guided tours will also be provided at the Precinct to share the history of the typhoon shelter. Precinct-goers will be able to visit the 70-year-old Triangular Island Goddess of Tin Hau Shrine of Peace, the floating market, see some houseboats, and can even cast water lanterns. More details are to be announced.

Visitors can visit the Revitalised Typhoon Shelter Precinct via the subway running between World Trade Centre and Jardine Noonday Gun, or from the footbridge extending from Victoria Park Road. People exiting from Tin Hau Station can head along out of Exit A2 and towards the space from Hing Fat Street.

Over the Mid-Autumn festival period, the new Typhoon Shelter Precinct will be showcasing large local-style flower board displays alongside pop-up installations to celebrate the holiday.

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