Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong X Gourmet Asia Showcase Kicks Off

Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong X Gourmet Asia Exhibition Kicks Off on Sept. 6

The Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong X Gourmet Asia Exhibition is set to showcase an array of tantalising drinks and dishes at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from Sept. 6-8. With more than 300 exhibitors and brands making an appearance, industry players are clamouring to get a taste of what Hong Kong’s finest has to offer.

With over 19 years under their belt, Restaurant & Bar is one of the top trade fairs for high-calibre exclusive dining. In collaborating with Gourmet Asia, this trade fair not only aims to bring in delicacies from across the Asia-Pacific region to competitors and buyers alike, but to gather food and beverage motley crews together for an unforgettable trading experience.

This year’s exhibition features six distinct sectors: Wine, Spirits & Beer, Food & Drink, Bakery & Confectionary, Coffee & Tea, Meat & Seafood, and Equipment, Design Supplies & Technology. Chilled drinks, fresh and frozen ingredients, decorated baked goods, and state-of-the art cooking technology are bound to ignite enthused conversations on the changing Hong Kong catering space.

Conversation starters and prepped palates start with Green Kitchen, an ongoing three-day demonstrative show on plant-based meats and seafood hosted by various star-rated chefs. This is followed by this year’s Hong Kong Latte Art Championship where friendly competition runs rampant amongst local baristas. Italian spirits, liqueurs, aperitifs, and glassware set the stage for students of mixology to showcase their craft in the Italian Cocktail Challenge. On the opposite end of the spectrum, chefs and sommeliers come together to create complementary combinations of food and wine in the Pairing Sensations event.

This year’s events also include the Best Spirits Awards and Best Washu Awards and sustainability focused stage-talksare highly anticipated by attendees and food and beverage practitioners.

Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong X Gourmet Asia opens today starting at 11 AM to 6:30 PM, with the last day ending at 5 PM. This trade fair is open to trade professionals and business visitors only. Attendees can register for free onsite upon presenting their business card. For more details on opening hours and eligibility, please check their website.

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