New Exhibition Centre Station Opens with History Displays

New Exhibition Centre Stations Opens with City Rail History Displays

With MTR’s East Rail Line cross-harbour extension opening to the public for services on May 15, the new Exhibition Centre Station is also set to open, containing displays featuring the East Rail line’s history and a bomb casing.

The station will adopt the MTR’s classic mosaic style, coloured in a colour tone of turquoise green mixed with grey to symbolise the seawater of neighbouring Victoria Harbour.

A display of historic photos of the century-old East Rail Line will run across the station’s platform, beginning in 1910 to today’s extension to Hong Kong Island.

Passengers will also discover a bomb casing on the platform, the remnants from an 1,000-pound bomb found during construction of the station in 2018. The bomb was removed by authorities and believed to be dropped on the city during World War II.

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