Asahi Super Dry Celebrates CNY with Limited Time Packaging


Asahi Super Dry Releases Limited Edition CNY Packaging

Kanpai! Get your pint glasses together as Japanese beer brand Asahi Super Dry marks the Lunar New Year with a limited-edition packaging. Available only in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, the bright and bold new geometric design pays homage to the Year of the Rabbit.

In representing Asahi Super Dry’s vibrancy and ambition by going beyond the expected, the new design ideology expresses origins of the beer brand as it takes on an adventurous spirit as the new year approaches.

Designed in collaboration with Japan-based and award -winning Nippon Design Center, the featured red Rabbit mask explores Chinese New Year in origami form, mixing Japanese artisanship with Chinese traditions.

The many folds and sides add a three-dimensional property to the design, incorporating digital art features which employ straight lines, reflective lights, and geometric patterns. Much like how the Asahi brand identity embraces its roots, while also experimenting with new pathways in the beer industry; the design intention also symbolizes their brand identity in modernization inspired by tradition.

“We’re always looking for meaningful ways to connect with consumers by showcasing our brand identity through never-seen-before ideas. We wish everyone a prosperous New Year!” says Loretta Lee, Asahi International Asia’s Regional Marketing Director.

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