Locally Made Cocktails and Seltzers to Refresh This Summer
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Local Hong Kong Alcoholic Libations for Refreshing Beach Days This Summer

Local Hong Kong Alcoholic Libations to Drink This Summer for Refreshing Beach Days 2

Hong Kong’s summer is in full swing! We must say that one of the best sensations amidst this double whammy of heat waves and sweat slick is cooling off with an ice-cold bevvy. On a junk, at the beach, amidst the mountaintops, it’s always five-o-clock somewhere. Stay chill this summer by cracking open a cold one from one of these local beverage labels.


It might seem antithetical to mark an alcoholic drink as a health-conscious choice, but that’s exactly what ONLY is. Developed by former corporate executives Jonathan Der and Flora Ma, this premium hard seltzer has rapidly shot to prominence all over the city since its initial release in 2021. The first naturally flavoured, canned vodka seltzer that’s low-calorie as well as sugar and carb free, it’s just the slim can of fresh fizz to reach for with no guilt. Enjoy tropical tastes like Tahitian Lime and Yuzu Ginger, with a newly released Pink Hibiscus Guava for a little bit of extra sweetness.

Want to try out the rosy elixir for yourself? The Beat Asia is partnering up with ONLY to dole out two whole cases of 12 cans, each reserved for one lucky reader joining our giveaway. To get involved, take our Vodka trivia quiz here, then share the results to Instagram and tag us and ONLY.

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Spiked with vit-C, a light 5% alcohol level, and fruit flavourings that contain no sugar, BubbleMe is a sparkling water-based concoction that provides refreshing lightness under 100 calories. Offered in tangy Lychee Lime, and bracing Mango Peach, the bubbles have all the rounded sweetness of summer wine with the buzz of draft beer that’s just been pulled straight from the tap. Formulated by a group of young social drinkers who wanted a tipple that goes down easy, their end-product is one that’s carb free.

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Dragon Water

Local craft brewers Double Haven are loved for their smooth and crisp canned beers, and their special line of Dragon Water spiked seltzers are an innovation that’s just as popular with Hong Kongers. Launched in the thick of 2020 by power brewer couple Leigh and Scott Powrie; the clean, clear palate of this fruity beer alternative has won the hearts of wellness-focused drinkers with its low calorie count and compatibility with keto or gluten-free diets.

Boasting frequent collaborations and one-off seasonal editions, their rotation of flavours is varied yet wholly fantastic. Choose from regulars Yuko Ginger, Lemongrass Lime, Black Raspberry, and Cucumber Watermelon; best enjoyed chilled in the great Hong Kong outdoors that inspired the brand’s ethos.

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Tipsy Cat by homeshake


Brought to the scene by homeshake, a local company that introduced artisanal DIY cocktail kits to the public at the height of the pandemic, Tipsy Cat is their subsidiary cocktail brand bottling up all the fun of a summer tipple into handy and aesthetically pleasing glassware for life on the go.

Distilling from the most cherished cha chaan teng bevvy of all, lemon tea, the robust tartness of this familiar favourite is given complexity with an alcoholic kick that upgrades it entirely. There is also a sparkling version of the Tipsy Lemon Tea, as well as Tipsy Flower Tea, the floral-tea-based rendition of the mixer. As bona-fide cocktail lovers, Tipsy Cat founders Benny, Dave, and Jacky advise pairing the drinks with Asian cuisines for the modest fragrance of the tea to really come into full bloom.

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Certified Hong Kong-made and designed exclusively by local talent, Ping is a bottled cocktail brand that injects fun into its drinks in a way only people of this beautiful city can. Created by award-winning mixologist Sonic Chan, the Ping collection is informed with elements that deeply resonate with local ingredients, memories, and facets of Chan’s culinary heritage. From the distinctive bergamot aroma of Golden Galaxy, to the nostalgic jujube infused Juju Punch, to the toasty fermented sourness of Mandarin Pu’er, drink up the Hong Kong summer in the form of a Ping cocktail.

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Proclaimed a “virtual bar” boasting a repertoire of bespoke cocktails and refreshed classics, Sanfly is a locally based cocktail maker selling products completely online, partnering with vendor platforms to deliver direct-to-customer products. Informed by dreaminess and whimsicality, their drinks all carry multiple elements of flavours to evoke a range of feelings.

The Cocktail or Tea series ties the drinks together via the element of tea, whilst The Blended line shows an upbeat and quirky take on familiar concoctions, now bottled and done up differently. For a tantalising swig that ties together the delicate touch of jasmine tea, the spice of gin, and the sweetness of lychee liqueur and rose, there is the half-litre sized Beloved Memoire that tells a story through taste.

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JA! Cocktails

You don’t mess with the classics, and that is a tenet JA! Cocktails held close to heart when coming up with their line of premium bottled cocktails. Supported by renowned mixologist Lok Gurung, the line-up pours from quality spirits and natural ingredients, fine tuning the foundations of the cocktails that have achieved a guaranteed spot in practically any bar menu. A tried and tested remedy for the heat, head to their shop and grab an Old Fashioned, Margarita, Cosmopolitan, or Bramble for when the sun beats down.

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